How two friends and I went (along with heat and typhoon Noru) on my third trip to Japan.

I suggest reading the article listening to this great piece of japanese jazz – to sync your mood with what we felt during the trip.

Since any of my first two trips to Japan (i.e. in 2012 and 2015) were not enough to satisfy my hunger for experiences in that amazing country, I decided to head back to the narrow streets of Tōkyō and other cities once again. As I did during my previous trip, I went with people I care a lot about and with whom I can share my interest for the country. We chose a wide array of cities to visit, and added Kanazawa and Aomori to my usual tour plan. Moreover we all went on the trip with cameras – and a total of 25 rolls of Ilford HP5 and 10 cartridges of I-type instant film to shoot in a 24-days trip – so everything pointed to it being first and foremost a photo-voyage.

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How I had (a rough time choosing 15 pictures for) an exhibition with a friend.

Back in June 2016 me and a friend, Pietro Consolandi, decided to consider making a joint photo exposition – focusing on the pictures we took during our respective trips to Japan in that same year: I went with a friend for new year’s eve holidays while he went later in spring by himself.

We both had also previously been to Japan – my first trip was by myself, his in a group – and we shared the belief that a certain degree of knowledge of a country is required to enjoy it. I don’t mean that one has to have a complete understanding of the place one is travelling to, but the aim of the trip should not be just discovering it: it should not be solely history and social matters, but even just the everyday dimension of how the inhabitants live their own streets and country.

Speaking for myself, I tend to try being invisible – not to catch what they wouldn’t want to show a tourist, but just to be perceived as one of its own by the country itself, the shops, the streets and the poles, being given the chance to experience the same calmness and silence one feels when at home.

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How I managed to print pictures in my bathroom (against all odds).

Feel free to advance any critique, as all the images included in this article are taken by me. Only two are not, and the author is cited.

It’s been more than two years since I first decided to only shoot film [ITA], and things are yet to be completely mastered. On my way to pursue a personal creative style, I started developing film in bigger batches, and on a steadier routine. I experimented with more developers (i.e. HC-110) – and more will come (i.e. Caffenol C-H) – while I moved to another home. Until the day one thing came: a Durst M605.

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How I have been experimenting with (and through stashes of expired) instant film.

I recently bought the ImpossibleProject I-1 camera, the company’s attempt to provide an instant camera updated to 2010s’ technology: a Bluetooth-connected app can give access to manual controls over an otherwise extremely simple and fully automated handheld camera.

Although having some minor technical issue – it doesn’t expel the black cover, so I have to remove it myself – I am genuinely loving this camera. Such issue is restricted only to my camera, and the customer support has proven kind and available at all times.

UPDATE (July 13th 2016) The customer support had me send the camera back and immediately sent a new one. As expected, they are extremely keen and competent.

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In seguito a molteplici anni in cui ho fatto convivere la produzione fotografica digitale con quella analogica, durante il mese di settembre 2014 ho deciso di dare forma ad una voce univoca. Non tanto perché sazio di un dato elemento intrinseco della più moderna delle due pratiche, né per un moto di antagonismo e ribellione contro quell’innovatività che inarrestabile non è, ma che segue il decorso naturale della progressione umana e che per tale ragione non deve essere condannata; ho preso tale decisione perché ho guardato alle mie spalle e, certo di trovarvi le mie orme, ho visto perlopiù fotografie che non avevano modo di entusiasmarmi. Se non erano in grado di suscitare alcun moto d’animo in me – per quanto dedito all’auto-critica, pur sempre loro predatore e naturalmente afflitto da una sana immodestia – non vi è modo di credere che possano avere valore alcuno.

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